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You already know that we are dedicated to teaching and empowering the young people who will eventually determine the direction of our democracy. You may not know exactly how we can use your gift to cultivate talent, ideas, and networks to help shape a more perfect Union.

The future of democracy depends on an effective citizenry. We focus our money and holistic efforts on shaping a generation of young people who are civic-minded, well-informed, productively engaged, and hopeful about tomorrow. With your help, within 15 years, a critical mass of Americans will be engaged for the common good, working for the continuing improvement of our society, creating an America where all people can thrive.

Please Note

  • Donors can specify that a gift be directed to one of the programs, ventures, etc. detailed above. The donation can include other areas of need as well.
  • Consider contributing to or creating an endowment.
  • Make a gift in honor or memory of someone special.