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For 75 years, the Institute for Citizens & Scholars has prepared new generations of American citizenry by opening doors to higher education; supporting visionary thinkers, scholars, and teachers; and creating a thoughtful space for innovation. Your gift will make an important impact on these leaders’ groundbreaking research, teaching, and public service for years to come. Consider the amazing things we can accomplish.

The SECURE 2.0 Act included an inflation-adjustment provision for gifts from an IRA starting this year. The limit on traditional qualified charitable distributions is now $105,000 (after many years at $100,000) and the new qualified charitable distribution limit is now $53,000 (up from $50,000).

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Giving with a Personal Touch

The ritual of spring cleaning goes far deeper than dusting and vacuuming. It often includes taking stock of what we have, rethinking our needs and goals, and giving things away. Whether you are “spring cleaning” your home or your finances, there may be an opportunity to make a personal gift—one that has special meaning for you and provides valuable support for us.

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The Fellows Legacy Society: Honoring the Transformative Power of Planned Giving

You hold the key to shaping a brighter future by creating opportunities for talented individuals to flourish. By including Citizens & Scholars in your estate plan, you advance our mission, create a meaningful legacy, and qualify to join other supporters as part of the Fellows Legacy Society.

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