Fellows Legacy Society

Fellows Legacy Society

Introducing the Power of Legacy: Empowering Scholars and Young Leaders as Effective Lifelong Citizens

Welcome to the Fellows Legacy Society!

Unlock a future of knowledge and opportunity through the transformative power of planned giving. At the Institute for Citizens & Scholars, we believe in nurturing the brightest minds of tomorrow by providing fellowships that propel emerging scholars and young people to new heights. With a deferred gift option, you can make a lasting impact and support the next generation of researchers, teachers, bridge-builders, and change-makers during critical moments in their lives—and ours!

We can help you leave an enduring legacy.

  • Define your impact. With our personalized approach, we work closely with you to understand your philanthropic vision. We help you craft a deferred giving plan that aligns with your goals and ensures your passion for supporting scholars and young people lives on.
  • Empower future leaders. Your generosity shapes the next generation of scholars and young leaders. You help cultivate their potential, enhance their skills, and equip them with the knowledge to address complex societal challenges.
  • Create a ripple effect. Your generosity doesn't end with a single donation. By supporting the Institute for Citizens & Scholars through a planned gift, you create a ripple effect that reverberates through generations. As each Fellow’s career flourishes, they, too, will pay it forward, creating a cycle of inspiration and impact.
  • Preserve your legacy. Through our carefully tailored deferred giving options, you can protect your assets, provide for loved ones, and support the next generation of Fellows dedicated to solving society’s most pressing challenges.

You hold the key to shaping a brighter future by creating opportunities for talented individuals to flourish. By including the Institute for Citizens & Scholars in your estate plans, you pave the way for the next generation of Fellows to overcome obstacles, expand their intellectual horizons and networks, and push the boundaries of knowledge.

By including Citizens & Scholars in your estate plan, you are helping to secure our future, advance our mission, and create a meaningful legacy. Directed or unrestricted gifts that qualify for membership are gifts in a will or trust, charitable beneficiary designations, gifts of life insurance, and retained life estates.

Enjoy the benefits of membership

  • Invitations to special events
  • A subscription to our newsletter
  • Recognition in Citizens & Scholars publications and on the Fellows Legacy Society website

Members also benefit from knowing that their gift helps secure the future programs and initiatives of Citizens & Scholars.

If you are considering making a planned gift, please contact us if we can be of assistance or visit the Tools & Resources page. You might also be interested in reading about how other supporters made planned gifts that provided benefits for us and for them.

Join the Fellows Legacy Society today by downloading and completing the membership form below. Please contact us for more information.